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While in SL, Katia learned to do many other things on the grid: build,  photography, design, textures etc...


She created furniture, built stores, her own stages and venues and performer boards. She had several sims where with the help of some very special people she created the Katia Keres Divine sim, where you could find everything KATIA KERES on the grid. Venues, Malls, a Katia Keres info center with everything Katia had created on the sim as well as a Katia's choice store with awesome brands from the grid! For the first time, a member's home was available in SL. All Katia Keres group fans had a place to call home on the sim for FREE, a place to hang out and share stories with other group members. 

With all that, Katia was already looking for a new challenge and she went into breeding Amaretto horses. She had beautiful horses and soon found that breeding horses also had its challenges and that could be improved.


That was the beginning of SHOWTIME. She created a sim,  a store, and brand new items that the breeding community was in desperately need and waiting for!


The automatic shelves for bundles. When you think that you can have a bundle every few days from each horse and that most breeders had anything between 5 to hundreds of horses and many many bundles every month to separate, catalog by trait, a system needed to be created. And that's exactly what Katia did.  A system to sort and display and hold as many bundles as you want, and rezzed them automatically. It was a revolution in the breeding community.


Many more items came after that. Sort and align horses automatically, an auction system, display for horses, bundles, meeros, cats, dogs and much more.

The Sims, The Venues, The Center

Showtime and Breedables

After the success of the Automatic Shelf for bundles, she created many other items to follow: Bundle shelves, Bundle Trays, Bundle Carts, Horse Display Tray, Horse Auction display, Meero's Bundle Shelves, Cat and Dog's bundles tray and carts, Trait displays, textures and much more!


After that, she also created her own auction house at her own sim with all stands, textures, boards, and signs created by Katia herself.


The items she created helped breeders organize their live stock, bundles, and sell all in great style!


Her SHOWTIME store was very successful on the grid and in the marketplace. 


With little time to dedicate to the grid, the store are now closed.

Showtime Products (not all listed)

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