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"There are many people that helped me in SL and it would be a very long list if I was to mention them all. You all know who you are, and to you all a big hug thank you!
Some, were by my side all the way and their presence was key in helping me achieve the success I did."
Axem Aabye
Divinesoul Sands
Catharina Merlin
Ticka Alphaville
Mexx Merlin

Katerina Manamiko, Kasady Anatra, Bobby Capra, Tammy Toll, PR Hollywood, Jaguar Pearl


And for their continuous support and enthusiam I want to also thank:


Bertie Babenco

Torgo123 Exonar

Vildand Juran


Katia  was the first live act to sing in INWORLDZ back in 2010

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