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Katia was born on March 13, 1967,  in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Daughter of a Brazilian mother and Hungarian father. Katia has two brothers, two half brothers, and one half sister. 

Katia started singing and showing interest in music since the tender age of 6, and she remembers the first song she sang back then was "Do You Know Where You Are Going To" by Diana Ross. At that time, she would learn the lyrics phonetically, as she only knew how to speak Portuguese. She remembers the first record she bought was by The Carpenters.

She spent her childhood and teenage years in Brasil and listening to all sorts of music. She acquired a taste for progressive rock thanks to the older musician brother that usued to learn guitar by listening Alex Lifeson on the guitar. She is a big fan of Rush.

It was also at this time she first heard the Beatles and Paul McCartney, and she was totally hooked, and it is a big Paul McCartney fan. 


She has many influences from the likes of YES to Marillion, The Beatles to Barbra Streisand, and from her Brazilian routes Caetano Veloso and Ivan Lins.

In 1995, Katia left Sao Paulo and moved to Miami. She sings online and in parties and venues in the Miami area.

In 2008 Katia met Chris, a french bass player while singing in SL.


After collaborating on a few songs, the couple hit it off and after relocating from France to Miami, Chris and Katia tied the knot in 2013. 


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